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1-20 Addition & Subtraction Learning Bus

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The red double decker Learning Bus is a firm favourite for toddlers wanting to learn through play. With its space for 20 passengers the opportunities for counting, sorting and arranging are endless. Counting to ten and then having any additional passengers moved up to the top deck is realistic to real-life and adds to the understanding of ‘base 10’ as a key mathematical concept. Components for the set are colour-coded and an icon on the top of the people counters tells you if the person represented is a man, woman, child, elderly or even disabled. A flip book with number challenges helps the children to remain focused upon the task in hand. And for an additional level of mathematics there are two dice which when thrown, set a task to move characters from upstairs to down or visa-versa, thus introducing the notion of adding or taking away to reach a solution. A wonderful resource which sets a real-world challenge and encompasses so much in terms of the basic mathematics being covered.