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Balancing Rainbow

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Picking and placing wooden rings onto the Balancing Rainbow (see-saw) is fascinating and the mathematics at play is very interesting too. Using this resource, the children will gain an insight into balance, symmetry and turning forces. The further the weight is placed away from the central balance point (fulcrum) the greater the turning force it exerts. So, placing different numbers of rings onto either end of the balance will provide interest and fascination to the children using it. When selecting pieces, children will be making choices, counting pieces and selecting colours as well as using mathematical language and developing their fine motor and coordination skills. An excellent mathematical puzzle for use by a single child or two children together. Can the Rainbow be made to balance (level) when there are different numbers of pieces on either end of it?

  • Made from birch ply and European Beech
  • 16 coloured rings to select from (4 sets of 4 different colours)
  • Highly colourful and interesting maths puzzle
  • Great for developing better hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Can be used by one child or two trying to make it balance one piece at a time

Size: 300 x 80 x 121 mm

Age: 3+ years