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Circular LED Light Panel 600

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SKU ME29874

This large circular light panel is 600mm in diameter which is the right size for general use in the classroom. It is light and can easily be carried providing an observation arena at the right height for children of any age. When placed on a table or the floor, it is large enough for an individual child or group of children to work on it at the same time. Whether looking at natural objects, live specimens, building pictures or words, creating mosaics or observing the effects of light and colour changes in open play, the panel will be in constant use. It has a convenient remote light controller to set the light levels and the colour being emitted by the panel.

Children are constantly fascinated by the effects of light whilst observing, picking, placing, sorting and arranging objects. They will be amazed by the effects of placing a transparent object onto a light panel and seeing the colour of it change as the light changes beneath it. When arranging objects, shapes, numbers and letters the learning is magnified by the focus the light panel brings. A wonderful general classroom resource.


  • Adjustable Brightness
  • 11 Preset Colour Buttons
  • Australian Convertible Plug
  • Australian Convertible Plug
  • Magnetic Pin Connection