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Code 'N Go Mouse Find Cheese

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A very simple cheese-hunting themed game introducing children to the fun of coding.  The toy is about teaching a mouse how to get to the cheese.  During the journey, the mouse will have to make turns in order to avoid the roadblocks and the sleeping cat.

This fun learning board tests the children’s ability to find a route for a mouse to the cheese through a board filled with hazards. There are roadblocks, bridges and even a sleeping cat, so beware! The process of creating single steps to produce a sequence to solve a problem is the same as a computer programmer uses. So, when children are thinking in this way, they are creating their first simple program! The board will test children’s ability to think logically, use symbols to develop a sequential program and then to test it out. Once completed the bridges, cat and dead ends can be placed somewhere else to create a new challenge to solve.