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Colour Changing Light Box

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This small light box is a superb resource and a lovely piece of classroom furniture made from Beech wood with an acrylic top. It is small in size, making it ideal for a single child or for two children to use together when observing live specimens or natural objects such as leaves, bark, heather or flowers to see their inner secrets. The back lighting provides illumination in the right place to enable details to be seen with added clarity. Equally good when used with transparent and translucent objects to observe the amazing effects of light on colours, colour mixing, opacity and shadow making. Used in open play or teacher directed study the panel will prove an invaluable resource in any pre-school or primary classroom.

The light box includes six translucent colour paddles and comes with a remote light changing unit which can be used to set the light level, or the colour of light being emitted. It can also be set to gently fade from one hue to another to add extra interest to colour and light observation. 

The Sand & Water Play Tray and Lid (ME30337) are an ideal accompaniment to the light box. Also good for the collection, containment and observation of live and natural specimens.

Measures: 390 x 270 x 80mm