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Floor Standing Abacus

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Having an Abacus in the pre-school or primary classroom provides instant access to numbers up to 100. Children can see 10 beads of 10 colours, touch them, feel them and count them.

It is this kinaesthetic link between the symbol, the unit and the quantity that is so important to understanding numbers. With this Abacus there are 100 pieces but no mess! Children can arrange the beads into 2s or 3s and see the way they will create patterns as they do so.

Numbers, counting up, counting back, base 10, patterns, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are all there to be seen, played with and experienced first hand.

There is nothing quite like an abacus to provide so much learning from one resource. This Floor Standing Abacus with its 10 rows of differently coloured beads and stable floor stand made from durable Beech wood is made to be accessible to children of all ages.

Measures: 45w x 26d x 46h cm