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Gravity TraX

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Made from a highly flexible silica gel plastic the Soft Ball Track is floppy and will rest upon any surface it is placed upon. The profile of the track has a flat base with raised sides so that a ball or water will run down it with ease and virtually friction free. This makes it ideal for creating dynamic gravity feed systems for water, toy cars and balls. Using the Soft Foam Building Rocks children can make wonderful, contoured routes and channels. Who can make the ball travel the fastest down a track, or the water travel at the slowest speed? The challenges and fun are endless.

*Images show Gravity TraX together with Soft Foam Building Rocks and Water Chute & Ball Run.


  • Highly flexible silica track
  • Has raised sides
  • Waterproof and strong
  • Allows cars, balls and water to run down under the force of gravity
  • Can be use with Soft Foam Building Rocks

Age: 3y+