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Hand Held Discovery Magnifier

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Young children are fascinated by everything they see and the Discovery Magnifier with its giant 3 times magnification lens (at 130mm in diameter) and 5 x magnification inset button lens provides a way of achieving this. The design of the lightweight plywood surround with easy-hold handles means children of all ages will be able to hold the lens over the object they want to view and to see the detail. When enlarged, objects reveal their inner secrets but this is particularly true of minibeasts and natural specimens. Looking closely at an earthworm, the fins on the underside of a mushroom, the bark or leaves from a tree or the colours and patterns on the shell of a snail will interest, inspire and amaze!


  • Made from European Plywood
  • It is light and easily manoeuvred into place
  • The ergonomic design with large inset handles makes it easy for toddlers to use
  • The main lens is a massive 130mm in diameter
  • Main lens gives 3x magnification and an inset ‘button lens’ provides an impressive 5x magnification

Size: L:24 x W:17 x H:2 cm

Age: 3y+