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LED Portable Colour Light Panel

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SKU ME13866

This portable colour LED light panel provides colour changing feature plus many other teacher-oriented functions. The patented remote controller provides direct colour buttons for many commonly used colours. 11 colour preset buttons allow teachers to "store" any specific colours. There are also 3 pairs of RGB adjusting buttons allowing users to make minor additions or subtractions of RED, GREEN or BLUE on the existing colour. Preset modes: looping of rainbow colours and thunder storm which can be used during story telling sessions. This light panel also allows different types of light-related learning activities such as colour mixing, creativity development and many other STEM learning activities. Children can explore colour mixing by placing the coloured shapes on top of one another. Beautiful effects can be created when light shines through different materials such as leaves and paper.

Powered by any USB Power Bank (not included). Cable length is 1.5m.

Size: 54 x 54 x 1.5 cm