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Little Explorer's Lens Set

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This magical set comprises of 5 different handheld paddles, each with a different light property which will excite, engage and amaze children of all ages. It will provide hours of scientific observation and discovery and give a different perspective on the world being seen. Three of the paddles have colourful transparent lenses in the primary colours of red, blue and yellow. Held to the eye, everything in the world around the child changes colour. Hold two together to the eye and a new colour is created. A double-sided plane mirror allows children the chance to see, create and better understand their own expressions and a magnifying lens, for the close inspection of minibeasts (with a 3x and 5x lens) completes the set. Ideal when used in conjunction with a Masterkidz light panel. A must-have general science exploration resource.


  • Made from European Plywood
  • Comprises of 5 separate light and observation devices
  • The outer diameter of the magnifying lens, colour inserts and plane mirror are over 100mm
  • An ideal must-have science resource
  • The paddle design makes them easy for toddlers to hold and use
  • Colour panels include the three primary colours of red, blue and yellow
  • Ideal for colour mixing, observation and understanding facial expressions
  • The Magnifier has a main lens giving 3x magnification and the inset ‘button lens’ has 5x magnification
  • The plane mirror is double-sided

Size: L:26 x W:14 x H:3 cm

Age: 3y+