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Sand & Water Play Tray with Lid

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SKU ME30337

This tray with a snap on lid is made from hard wearing plastic to stand the rigours of  everyday use. As it is transparent, small resources can be stored and stacked on shelves exhibiting their contents for easy selection and when used on top of a light panel, items inside are illuminated to add an extra dimension to their observation by budding naturalists.

Any of the Masterkidz Light Panels can be placed under the clear tray. The Colour Changing Light Box ME30344 is made to the same dimensions making it a perfect match.

Children can collect specimens from the garden - flowers, bark, twigs, earth worms and insects and bring them inside for a closer inspection. On a light panel the finer details, features and colours of such specimens come to life. Observing the movement of a gastropod (slug or snaill) from underneath, as it crawls across a clear tray with or without a
magnifier is amazing! In addition, the tray is just the right size for individual water or sand play.

Measures: 358 x268 x 81mm