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Sensory Liquid Tiles

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These large Sensory Liquid Tiles are available in Square or Jigsaw Puzzle shaped. They are made from robust durable plastic which is sealed so they will not break. Children (and adults) can happily stand on them, lay on them and touch them. Inside, the tiles contain a bright colourful liquid which when pressed squidges into a new shape as the pressure pushes the liquid out. This effect is both fascinating and captivating. It also adds a challenge to toddlers taking their first steps onto something that has a slight but perceptible movement beneath their feet as they toddle along. Children of all ages will enjoy these tiles whether they are sitting, walking or just observing them. They will add a splash of colour to any room, entrance area or reading corner.


  • Includes either a single-coloured liquid or two colours (that won’t mix)
  • When pressure is applied the squidgy liquid moves to create wonderful shapes and patterns
  • Creates a visually fascinating effect
  • When walked on the effect is seen and felt (experienced through sight and touch)
  • Made from robust durable plastic
  • Square with straight sides

Size: L:50 x W:50 x H:4 cm

Age: 3y+