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STEM Wall Gears & Pulleys Kit

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This 198 piece set provides a huge selection of components to encourage children to build and make their own mechanical devices. They can simply fix components to any STEM Wall, trolley or table in open discovery play adding pieces to see what happens. There are 34 gears in different sizes and some with a wind handle so they can be the driver of other interconnected gears. There is a drive chain, 2 pulley belts, 4 pulleys (in two sizes) and a cage connector to enable pulleys to be connected together, gears to be connected together or gears and pulleys fixed to each other. In addition, there are 2 panels (200mm x 400mm) with brackets to connect them to a STEM Wall providing another surface which can be set at 90 degrees to create mechanical systems in 3 dimensions! There are easily enough components in this set for an entire class or to extend the possibilities of a whole school resource towards even greater STEM possibilities.


  • 198 Pieces
  • 34 Gears and 4 pulleys
  • A gear drive chain
  • 2 pulley drive belts
  • 6 white pegs
  • 76 bolts (in three different sizes)
  • 40 nuts
  • 16 L shaped brackets
  • 4 flat brackets
  • 2 x Populated STEM panels
  • An air fan
  • 3 x hand screw drivers

Age: 3y+