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STEM Wall Geometric Shapes 260 Pieces

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This set has 260 components so there are easily enough components to keep a whole class of children busy! There are 4 flat shapes – square, triangle, circle and semi-circle in 4 different colours (red, green, yellow and blue) and in different sizes. They are all populated with holes so they can be fixed using bolts to any Masterkidz STEM surface. In addition, there are flat strip pieces in straight and right-angle shapes too. Given the freedom to build creatively, children will be busy fixing the shapes to a STEM Wall, table or trolley either alone or in small groups working collaboratively together. There is so much STEM learning taking place when children are building in this way – planning, selecting, creating, adding to and refining their designs. Every piece needs to be screwed in and there are choices to be made about colours, where to add screws – the orientation of the shapes and so on. There is the mathematical language of the pieces too. Care is required to make a picture look correct. For example, can a child make a realistic looking flower with a stem, leaves and petals arranged symmetrically? The potential for constructive design work is endless and this set will encourage so much learning with the fun of creating a unique design every time.


  • Includes 260 components
  • Ideal for creating open-ended new designs
  • Pieces are made to be connected to any STEM surface
  • Pieces come in 4 bright primary colours – blue, red, green and yellow
  • 4 differently shaped components – triangle, circle, square, semi-circle
  • 86 bolts in 4 colours
  • 40 nuts and 2 screwdrivers

Age: 3y+