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STEM Wall Magnetic Chalk Board

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SKU ME13804
This Masterkidz STEM Wall double sided Magnetic Chalk Board easily fixes to the STEM walls and provides educators with a wonderful teaching aid or a great surface for the children to write or draw on. Easy to attach and remove, the panel has a chalk board that fixes to the wall in 8 points to ensure it is secure. The magnetic chalk board is easy to remove when not in use and can be stored away allowing other resources to be used on the STEM Walls.

The chalk board is great to use as a teaching aid for educators by providing them with a surface to write on or have the children come up and write on. It is great to use for fun games like fill in the blank, guess which animal this is or math problems like what does 2 + 2 =? The magnetic part of the chalk board allows the children to use a range of magnets like letters of the alphabet to spell words, tell stories or even add to their drawn creation.

The board is easy to wipe clean and allows multiple children to use the board over and over. Children can use different coloured chalk to give more depth to their artwork and additional colour to the STEM walls or table. The boards are made from European Burch Plywood which makes them robust to take a lot of wear and tear while providing a firm surface for the children to draw or write on. The other side of the panel is a plain wooden design which can be used to stick drawings, sticky notes or pieces of paper with tack.

Size: 548 x 548mm.

Ages 3yrs+