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STEM Wall Numbers & Mathmatical Signs

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This wonderful set of numbers and operations (plus, minus, multiply, divide and equals) is a must for all young mathematicians. There are 40 individual numbers (4 of each of the numbers 0 to 9) as well as 4 of each of the standard operation signs and 8 equals signs. Pieces are chunky so that young hands and fingers will be able to hold them and push fit them easily into any Masterkidz STEM Wall or STEM Table. Children can arrange them into the right number order from zero upwards and then count out the sequence to confirm them as correct. Using the operation signs, simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can take place by just using the number set or in tandem with beads, counters, wooden blocks or toys to add concrete reinforcement to the process. A wonderful and invaluable first maths resource with literally hundreds of uses.


  • 82 piece numbers and operations set
  • 4 x each number from 0 to 9 (40 pieces)
  • 4 x each operation symbol (+, -, x, and ÷)
  • 8 x equals symbol (=)
  • Components are of the right size of young hands to hold and push fit into any Masterkidz STEM Wall or STEM Table
  • Perfect as a means of reinforcing counting, numbers in base 10
  • Ideal for use in simple number work - multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Age: 3y+