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STEM Wall Screws (Set 1)

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SKU ME12920

STEM Wall Screws 512 piece 8 colour kit.

Threaded screws with hexagonal heads in 8 different primary colours can be used with any Masterkidz STEM tile. Ideal where a strong fixing is required. Children become young engineers when they use these screws since they can hand screw them into place or use a screwdriver, spanner or socket. Perfect for fixing brackets, water chute tubes, ball runs and any other components together, they can also act as axles for gears and pulleys.

Screws are made from a strong weather resistant plastic for use indoors and out. This pack of 512 screws comes in 8 primary colours (64 of each colour - white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black.).

Size: 50 L x 23mm W. Ages 3yrs+