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STEM Wall Uppercase Lowercase Alphabet Pegs

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This amazing 122 piece set of letters is perfect for early learners providing both upper and lower case letters for children to identify, orientate and then push fit into any Masterkidz STEM Wall or STEM Table. There are two complete sets of uppercase letters and two sets of lowercase letters providing enough for individuals or small groups working together. Children will want to sort, arrange, make words with them and practice their pronunciation too. The pieces are colourful so enable clear separation when arranged in alphabetical order. 


  • 122 standard letters in a clear font
  • 2 sets of uppercase letters 
  • 2 sets of lowercase letters
  • Pieces all push fit into any Masterkidz STEM Wall or STEM Table
  • Ideal for children to handle, identify and pronounce as they push fit them into position

Age: 3y+