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Translucent Numbers 52pcs

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This set includes 2 sets of numbers from 0 to 10 (plus the symbols +, - and =). Made from clear colourful green plastic they can be used on a desktop or on a light panel where they will catch the light and look wonderful. Children will want to place and arrange the numbers to count with and to carry out simple equations. Using the plus, minus and equals signs they can be used to introduce the concept of addition and subtraction.

Each number is made using the same font and the moulding has a strong edge that runs around the outside of it which helps children to feel it and understand the shape more clearly. Pieces are approximately 55mm tall so can easily be handled by small children, drawn around and even used under a piece of paper to make wax rubbings. A wonderful and comprehensive set made from strong high quality clear plastic which will stand the test of time.